Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shhh dont wake the sleeping giant

I really need to start posting here.

I have a new monster sleeping in my head.  Two actually.  SharePoint and its close friend InfoPath.  I inherited SharePoint thx to work letting the main admin go and had no backup.  InfoPath came next mainly due to me taking a SharePoint class (so I know kind of what Im doing) and InfoPath was mentioned.

I now have 3 projects around InfoPath forms and making those available via SharePoint web part.

I can tell you right now there is a lot of STUFF on the Internet on InfoPath but nothing that is helpful for me.  I get bread crumbs.  So I will now post what I find useful here.  And make sure I give kudos to where/who I got the bread crumbs from.  I figure the more places its mentioned, it may make it a bit easier for the next person searching.

Another fun (sarcastic fun mind you) bit is Work has blocked most blogger type programs, Flicker (and other picture dbs), twitter and Im sure others.  Makes things a bit interesting posting what I want to.  I will attempt to send what I find during work via email and hope pics (if any) come in.  Else everything gets to wait for when I get home and remember :oP

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